Sarasota Custom Homes

Are you looking for a place to build your dream home? At Legacy Builders on the Westcoast, we have award-winning floor plans you can choose from for your added savings and convenience. The island of Sarasota has unique land opportunities for new construction. Depending on the neighborhood you choose, we have a plan that will allow you to start your project immediately. Our plans are known due to our open concepts and attention to a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor living spaces. The Sarasota custom homes we built are durable and proven to last for generations to come.

Why Building a New Home is Always a Good Choice?

When you own a house, it is like achieving something big. Though sometimes buying a house gives you stress and hassles that you must endure, these are far and away outweighed by the many benefits it can give you.

1. Fixed monthly payments

Compared to renting a house, a landlord may increase the monthly payment. Paying for your own house comes in fixed monthly payments since it will be computed from the beginning when you applied for the loan. With that in mind, you can always set a fixed budget for your monthly home amortization.

2. House and lot appreciate in market value

Owning your own house is also an investment. It appreciates over time depending on variable factors such as the economic status of the country. In short, the original value of the house you bought today will have a different market value a few years later.

3. More community involvement

When you live in tall buildings such as condominiums or apartments, you have low chances of interacting with your neighbors. Houses built in subdivisions have more community involvement since they can participate in different activities of their community.

4. You own it!

Buying a house means you own it. You can have the freedom to do anything as you please. You can design and decorate your house according to your own preferences. You can fill it with all the lucrative items you can afford.

We are the Preferred Builders of Sarasota Families

Legacy Homebuilders on the Westcoast is the most trusted home builders of Sarasota Families. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and the professionalism of our people. Give us a call today and let us help you in building your dream home. We create Sarasota custom homes with quality and affordability.