New Home Construction – The American Desire or The American Nightmare?

New Home Construction Lakewood Ranch


Buying a New Home Construction Lakewood Ranch is mean to be the American Dream. Unfortunately, for many customers of recently built houses it becomes the American Problem. Hiring a certified third party home assessor can boost you possibility of a hassle totally free house.

One just has to visit sites like Homeowners Versus Lacking Residences (HADD)- or Home owners for Better Structures (HOBB) – to see just how extensive shabby construction is in the sector.

No location of the country is without substandard building and construction.

In my job as a Specialist House Assessor I speak with numerous individuals each year regarding new home construction. It still astonishes me that lots of think the city examiner will locate every item incorrect with a home. Nothing could be additionally from the reality!

A city inspector evaluates for code violations. The building regulations are the MINIMUM requirements that a residence need to be built to. City code assessors just examine for safety and security and wellness concerns as they associate with structure. City inspectors do not evaluate for the high quality of handiwork! City structure examiners also have no responsibility. If your residence drops and harms you the day after you move in, you can not return and take legal action against the building examiner because he missed code infractions.

In Houston, the area I evaluate in, the city building examiners spend regarding 10 to half an hour in a home inspecting it. At the end of their “Evaluation”, they will certainly after that position an eco-friendly or orange 3×5 sticker label at the front of the house. The Green sticker says you passed, the orange or red sticker states the house fell short.


There is no chance that a city building assessor can keep in mind all the disparities on a residence on a 3×5 sticker label!


The brand-new fad is for builders to market that their homes have actually been checked by a “Third Party Inspection Firm.” This is like paying attention to a made use of cars and truck salesman claim he had his technician inspect your pre-owned cars and truck out prior to you bought it.

If the company the home builder employs comes to be a problem by continuing to discover issues, after that a new firm will be located who can inspect the houses the method the contractor likes.

Wise and sensible home purchasers will research their home builder prior to selecting one to choose.

They will certainly likewise begin doing their research on discovering their own 3rd party house assessor to evaluate the house as it is being built.


What are some points you should search for in a house assessor?


To start with, not all residence assessors are developed equal. Search for a residence examiner that belongs to the American Culture of House Inspectors (ASHI) – ASHI is the countries earliest and largest house evaluation organization. They have stringent membership demands in position and also none ole examiner will be approved.

Ask the assessors on your narrowed down listing for sample assessment records. You’re searching for a home inspector that creates narrative type reports and that will certainly consist of code numbers or the code itself when he locates them. I ‘d prevent examiners that state they make use of an onsite “checklist” sort of report.

Call or satisfy the inspector. You’re looking for somebody that is well-informed and who can communicate well. If you talk with an examiner as well as have problem comprehending what he’s stating, it’s most likely his report will certainly be difficult to comprehend also.

Request for references. Have the examiner send you numerous recommendations as well as follow through checking them out.

Ask concerns. Ask your inspector if he/she will certainly come back out and re-inspect after the building contractor claims all the repair work have actually been made. Some will, some won’t. Expect to have to pay for a re-inspection. Ask the inspector if he will communicate with the builder after the inspection if the builder has questions. Good inspectors will take the time to go over the report via phone or in person with the builder to ensure that all needed repairs are made.

As a home buying consumer, it’s your responsibility to ensure your home is built correctly. Not the builder, not the State, County or City. Hiring a qualified and reputable home inspector will go a long ways in helping you obtain a problem free home.

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Donald Lawson is a Professional Real Estate Inspector who is licensed in Oklahoma (454) and Texas (5824 ). Donald is also Building and Plumbing Code Certified by the International Code Council. He currently owns and operates V.I.P. Home Inspections, a multi inspector firm in Houston Texas. You can find more articles on New Home Construction as well as a free New Home Construction Lakewood Ranch Buyers Guide at his website