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If you have decided to make Sarasota your home, congratulations! You have chosen one of the most beautiful places in the world to live in. From its scenic waterfront views, and its beaches with blue waters and fine sand, Sarasota is definitely not beaten. When you need home builders Sarasota Fl, Legacy Builders on the Westcoast is here to help you.

We promise to deliver high-quality custom homes at affordable prices so that our clients can truly live the lifestyle they deserve!
The concept, design, and construction of your new custom home is important to us. We understand that a new home is one of the biggest personal investments you’ll ever make. This is why we always make it a point to provide excellent customer service. We care much about your journey in building your new custom home. Our accomplished reputation has made us the most trusted home builder company in Sarasota.

About Us

Legacy Builders on the Westcoast started as a small company. Now, we have over 75 combined years of experience in building homes. We are greatly humbled by the lasting relationships we have with our clients. We look forward to serving more customers who need the best home in Sarasota. We are the most trusted Sarasota home builders. We are deeply honored to make your dream home a reality.

Why A New Home is the Best

Buying anything new will give you a sense of fulfillment especially if it is things of material value- say a house. Not anyone can buy a new house. But if you work hard to be able to afford one, it gives you that sense of achievement.

A new house makes your living more comfortable. When you realize that you are already a homeowner, you will strive hard in order to make your house more comfortable, like providing the best furniture, providing the best home insulation and many others.

A new house provides safety. You will have no problems with leaking roofs, leaking faucets or poor ventilation since everything is new. It also requires less maintenance.

A brand-new community is also one of the default benefits of a new home. When a family moves into a subdivision, they often form lasting bonds of friendships and neighbor relationships right away. This helps owners meet and connect to one another.

Finally, a new house is where your family lives. Nothing feels better than coming home after a tiring day at work knowing you have a family waiting for you. It gives you a sense of peace and comfort, which makes you feel totally at home.

Trust Only Legacy Builders on the Westcoast!

Call us now and we’ll assist you with all your inquiries. We also provide a free quote for our services. Feel free to check our website to see the list of our accomplished projects and our other services. Your new home is a place where you can get you a sense of peace and comfort. For home builders Sarasota Fl you can trust, Legacy Builders on the Westcoast is the right company for the job!