General Contractors Bradenton

When you need General Contractors Bradenton who are respectful, professional, and friendly, Legacy Builders on the Westcoast is the right company for you. We build with quality, precision, and respect tradition. Our commitment to outstanding service and excellent craftsmanship will make you wonder why you waited so long.

We believe that every Bradenton client deserves the best home, and we make it our goal to deliver them such experiences. If you are looking for the most trusted Bradenton general contractors, you’ve come to the right place. We are deeply honored to make your dream home a reality.


There are a lot of Bradenton general contractors and builders today, and choosing one can be a tough task. It is essential to know that not all builders are created equal. If you choose the wrong builders, they can produce sub-par work, which can cause you problems in the long run. You have to find a good builder that meets all the standards when it comes to construction. What’s a little more costly when it’s your home they are building, right?

Here are some guidelines which you can use to find the perfect builder for your home.

·         Licensing and Insurance

General contractors need to be insured appropriately so they will be protected and also your project. Legacy Builders on the Westcoast is fully insured and licensed to build custom houses in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.

·         Realistic Pricing and Quotations

A great builder must be knowledgeable and can be trusted enough with all the prices and quotations you need for your project. Look for a builder that gives you a detailed, reasonable, and written quote.

·         Professionalism

A great builder is a professional in his work. They should be open, honest, and approachable. A good builder that is serious about the job will also be serious about looking after their clients. Legacy Builders on the Westcoast believes that professionalism is one of our keys to success.

·         Portfolio of Past Work and References

Take time to ask for the past projects they have handled and check the results. You can also ask for referrals from family and friends in choosing your builder since they have first-hand experience in working with them. Never compromise quality with the price. Builders who have a high quality of work will offer generous warranties to their customers. We have an extensive gallery of our past projects.

·         Contract

This is an essential part of your home building project. A great builder should provide a written contract that contains all the necessary details and prices you have agreed in. It may also contain all the related drawings for your house construction. Legacy Builder on the Westcoast sees to it that we provide all contracts for our clients.


Just like any other business, Legacy Builders on the Westcoast started small. Year after year, we always provide our team with updated training about the industry. Project after project, we always make sure to leave every client a satisfied expression about our services. Now we have over 75 combined years of experience in building homes, and we are greatly humbled by the lasting relationships we have with our clients.


We are your trusted Bradenton general contractors. We are committed to creating a positive and long-lasting relationship with our family of homeowners by living our values:

·         We will operate with integrity, honesty, dependability, and a positive attitude from all employees and trade partners.

·         We will provide a personal concierge involvement from beginning to end.

·         We will deliver a painless design and selection process through our in-house decorating professional.

·         We will leverage our 75 years of experience to provide the best customer experience.

·         We will supply expert project management with grand attention to detail.

·         We will accomplish your project on-time and in-budget.

·         We will provide innovative building software, to give you control and visibility of your project anywhere.

·         We will provide you the ability to “Visualize before you Build” through our website and the use of our Virtual Builder program.

Call us now and let’s start building the home of your dreams in the beautiful island of Bradenton. For Bradenton General Contractors Bradenton you can trust, choose only Legacy Builders on the Westcoast.